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Our Story
Some time ago, we three travelers ventured into a town. The Ruler of this town made it law that visitors can enter into the town after they have shared some type of gift, talent or ability with only the Ruler. This was a way to build the Ruler's wealth. We offered the gift of our own special ice cream. It is a recipe that we created ourselves.

The Ruler of the town truly enjoyed the ice cream. He had to have the ice cream every chance he had. The Ruler decided that the ice cream should not be available to the people of the town. He wanted it all for himself. So, the Ruler arrested and jailed us. We were placed in a tower and not allowed contact with the outside world. This was to make sure that no one could know the truth about our delicious ice cream.

The Ruler did not know that we had other talents and abilities. We were able to escape the tower and slip out of town in the middle of the night. The Ruler then told everyone that three travelers came into his place and took his ice cream recipe that he created. He offered a bounty for our capture and our return. He said he would reward anyone handsomely for the return of any of these BANDITS. He called us BANDITS.

We have never been caught by the Ruler and we stay out of sight to this very day. However, we vowed to never let our ice cream be hidden ever again. So we are celebrating our delicious treats by letting everyone experience them.
Here is Bandit Ice Cream.

Ice Cream

Our ice cream isn't your normal ice cream. We believe that each spoonful should be a taste of paradise. Every mouthful should be creamy and enjoyable. We believe you will find your favorite flavor and have a Bandit Ice Cream moment.


The Ruler tried to keep all of the ice cream to himself, but he did not know of the other delicious treats that we also know how to make. Our cakes will melt in your mouth. Our pies are scrumptious. You will enjoy our tasty treats.


Some of our team really enjoy their beverages cold. VERY COLD! So, we have been making icy cold drinks in our kitchen. We call them Frosties. The flavors are off of the chain. You will enjoy chilling your taste buds.

Our Adventures

One of our favorite treats here within the creamery is our cookies. You'll enjoy each bite.

Chill With Us

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